Turkish Stock Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish stock, Turkey stock manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality stock from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

ATA KALIP SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Muhsin Özaysın    
s moulds, molds, plastic injection moulds, telescopic stocks, polymer pistol frames, plastic parts, steel parts, slugs, buffer tubes, weapon parts, weapon spares, pistol parts, pistol spares, pistol frames, stocks, hand guards, air rifle frames, recoil pads, trigger guards, magazines, plastic gun cases, rifle holders, lower receivers, upper receivers, mould, mold, plastic injection mould, telescopic stock, polymer pistol frame, plastic part, steel part, slug, buffer tube, weapon part, weapon spare, pistol part, pistol spare, pistol frame, stock, hand guard, air rifle frame, recoil pad, trigger guard, magazine, plastic gun case, rifle holder, lower receiver, upper receiver, stock, weapon parts
TEREZIE WOMAN        Türkiye     Nuri Uyanikoglu    
s pant, trousers, denim, skinny, producer, woman, ready wear, stock, ready to wear, fashion, stock
CANAN EXPORT        Türkiye     Cem Ozhan    
s denim, accesories, metal, button, stock, jeans, chino, chinos, trousers, rivets, button setting machine, eyelet setting machine, settting machine, stock
TROY GROUP GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ahmed ABBASOV    
s spice, mix, ice cream, soup, coating, patesserie, sufle, waffle, blend, boullion, stock, breading, battering, frozen yoghurt, frozen, beverage, gelato, cookie, desserts, sauces, beverages, breads, ice creams, seasonings, soups, corns, snow white, pop corn, tomatoes, peppers, onion, onions, sunflower seeds, vegetable, pupmkin seeds, olive oils, olive oil, oil, olive, almond, cashew, walnut, raisins, food, food products, farming products, nuts, seeds, stock
YENGEC TEKSTIL        Türkiye     aykut aday    
s towel, bathrobes, bathrobe, towels, stock, baby bathrobe, stock
NEVA INT.        Türkiye     Levent Sivrioglu    
s bamboo towel, bathrobe, bed linen, bed set, cap de bain, fitted jersey sheet, home textile, hotel textile, linge de lit, linge de maison, matress, matress protector, napkins, peignoir, serviette, stock, stock bathrobe, stock textile, stock towel, ta, table runner, tapis de bain, towel, underwear, stock
SUNMAN EXPORT        Türkiye     Seda Sunman    
s textile, agriculture, buyer, cargo, service, packing, stock, ditribution, quality, distribution, stock
OGUZ TEKSTIL        Türkiye     Esra Oğuz    
s towel, bathrobe, bath, stock, textile, towels, bathrobes, home textile, textile product, textile products, stock
OZEGE HIRDAVAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s chains, industry, stock, dog, snow chain, saddlery, tongs and bridge, swivel, clasp, ring, overflow, animal materials, rope and attachments, imported rope attachments, insulated rope, nylon rope, isotope ropes, jute, steel rope, peg, steel anchor, suture, bolt screw nuts, handle screw, washbasin products, bolt akb, bolt case, screw, nuts, stamps, meridyen group fivestar, other, silicone guns, screws, drawer locks, rail, drill bits, screwdriver, water balance, meter, glove, magnetic bits, me, wheel, brush, textile, stairs, welding machines, wheels, shelf, hanger, slide, hose, lock, clamp, wiper, stands, stove, hook, organizer, adhesive, hinge, fountain, hand tools, roll, stock, job security, adhesive group, metal goods, rail, garden, foot, stamps, sgs, build, python, hose fountain clamp, birth brush, garden and construction, wire group, winter materials, band group
OZKAY TEKSTIL        Türkiye     ilhan ucar    
s digital printed fabric, fabric, fabrics, jersey, knitwear, knitted, printed, print, shirt, blouse, dress, yarndyed, digital printed, polyester, cotton, viscose, linen, tencel, rayon, elastane, design, tkani, poplin, saten, sateen, solid, colour, solidfabric, plainfabric, plain colou rfabric, shirt fabric, dress fabric, kids wear, womens wear, mens wear, stock, export fabric, stock fabric, stock, linen, tencel
BORSA ANALIZCI AYDIN EROGLU        Türkiye         
s stock, stock analysis, stock analyst, stock